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Mitchell collection - bike 8

Australian GA that never made the Journey to OZ

Make and Model: BSA B40 GA

Year of manufacture: 1967

Military Reg no:N/A

Dispatch date: N/A 

Military History: N/A

Current information and thinking:

This particular machine was one of 3 bikes taken off the production line and never sent to Australia.
following a detailed look at the machine - Dave Smith ( Rupert Ratio) and I believe it was used by the factory to "mock up" some of the fittings to be used on the yet to be built contract for the British Arm. It shows evidence of repositioning of the external oil filter, air box, carb, rear light assembly conversion to 12 volt and exhaust etc,etc
the speedo is showing 1,500 miles which could well be original as it retains the original tyres fitted in very early 1967.
I acquired the bike still unregistered from a father and son in the West Midlands who had bought a number of bikes where the original owner died.
the story is- that a guy bought some machines from the BSA factory when it was closing - He was a road haulier in Birmingham and then stored them.
when it was found, the bike was covered in thick dust and grime, which in many areas of the machine protected it over the years. It remains in original factory paint
It has now been registered and is on the road

Image: BSA WD B40 GA Australian Army 1967

Image: BSA WD B40

Image: BSA wd b40

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