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Mk2 M (Jordanian Army) 1968

Make and Model: BSA B40 M

Year of manufacture: 1968

Military Reg no:

Dispatch date: Jordanian Army - 21/02/1968

Military History:

This MK2 Military model is one of the 200 machines delivered to the Jordanian Army.

Detailed info still under research

Civilian History:
Restoration is now moving forward - The engine has been fully rebuilt by the legendary Dave Smith (AKA Rupert Ratio) not only has Dave rebuilt this to his meticulous standards, but the motor has been fitted with a SS90 camshaft and piston and a big valve cylinder head which has been gas flowed by Dave himself - Nice inlet port Dave!!!

The build is now underway with a target date of Spring 2023

Image: BSA WD B40 MK2 Jordanian Army

Image: BSA WD B40 MK 2 Jordanian Army

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