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Mitchell collection bike 4

Make and Model: BSA B40  CA/FT

Year of manufacture: 1965

Military Reg no: To be researched

Dispatch date: 06/04/65 - FVRDE - Chertsey Surrey (Irvine, Scotland) latest WD Spec

Military History:

To be reasearched

Civilian History:

This ultra rare WD B40 prototype was located in Somerset. Following negotiations with the now previous owner Pete, it has now become part of my collection.

From records it was discharged from Military service on the 15th September 1967 and aquired by Dawsons Cars and Motorcycles Ltd in Shakespeare Street, Nottingham. It was subsequently sold on to a new owner in Wales, where it exchanged hands a few times, but remained in Wales, up until very recently.

Image: BSA WD B40 Prototype

Image: BSA WD B40 Prototype

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