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Mitchell Collection bike 2

Mk1 GR (RAF) 1970

Make and Model: BSA B40 GR

Year of manufacture: 1970

Military Reg no: 36AX36

Dispatch date: MOD Ashchurch - 02/04/1970

Military History:

This GR was one of 40 RAF Police/Escort UK spec machines delivered under contract WV8547.

It arrived at MOD CVD Ashchurch from the BSA factory on 03/04/70, where it stayed until the 31/12/70, when it was sent to RAF (G) Germany and was assigned to RAF Gutersloh, Germany, the nearest RAF base to the East/West border. In 1977 it was assigned to the  431 MU (Maintainance Unit - likely RAF Bruggen) It remained there in service until it returned to Gutersloh on the 27/03/79 and was sold off on in June 1979.

Civilian History: 
This GR was acquired for the collection, following a 11 year hibernation in a shed in Aberdeen. A full restoration has just taken place. No other details are known.

Image: BSA WD B40 GR RAF

Image: BSA WD B40 GR RAF

Image: proto type RAF B40

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