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Time warp WD B40 GB 1969

Make and Model: BSA B40 GB 

Year of manufacture: 1969

Military Reg no: 66 FG 83

Dispatch date: MOD Ashchurch 03/02/69

Contract: WV7856

Military History:
This GB was one of the 453 machines supplied to the British Army under this contract.
13/4/70 -  3 AVP Central Vols HQ RCT
02/12/70 - CVD Ashchurch 
20/12/73 - Ord Depot Antwerp - Stock BAOR
02/5/74 - 6 ?? RCT BAOR
12/01/76 - Ord Depot Antwerp BAOR
20/08/76 - VSD M/Gladbach BAOR
27/09/76 -  54 Tipper San RCT BAOR
14/04/83 - S/O QM Det ORD SVCS Viersen BAOR

Civilian History: 

1969 MK1 GB - time warp find. This late contract MK1 has just been found languishing in storage in the Netherlands since 1983 - it remains "as demobbed" following Auction at Munchen Gladbach in 1983
it has never been registered - on inspection it it 99.9% complete

The auction number is still on the seat as is the Army registration scribed on the Petrol tank - don't find them like this everyday.

just put it on the ramp at home - filled it with oil and 4  year old stale petrol and "Boom" fired up second kick!!!!! + all the electrics work too!!!!

My plan is to keep it in its current original army state, so that it stands as a fitting reminder and testament of how they were painted and used in service

it will remain stored for a while now until other projects are finished so could be a year or two.

Image: BSA WD B40 GB 1969

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