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Parts for sale ENGINE

This page is a work in progress and continuously changing as my excess stock of parts are being sold off to fund my own WD B40 Projects-  prices and more items will follow - if you are interested in anything just email me

Most are Genuine NOS items - Once some of this stuff has gone, thats it! unless a stash of Military spares comes to light of course!?!?!

Genuine NOS Oil pump drive worm WD B40, B25, B44, B50 etc

Image: BSA oil pump worm

Genuine NOS BSA B40 Valve guides Exhaust and Inlet

Image: BSA B40 valve guides

Genuine BSA NOS B40 Inlet valve

Image: BSA Inlet valve

Genuine BSA NOS B40 Exhaust Valve

Image: BSA B40 exhaust valve

Genuine Military NOS BSA B44 Square Barrel/Head Inlet Valve

Image: BSA B40 exhaust valve

Image: BSA B40 Barrel studs

Image: BSA Grommet

Image: BSA Grommet

Image: BSA Tappet adjuster and nut

Image: BSA gearbox level plug

Image: BSA gearbox Bush

Image: BSA B40 & C15 kick start spring

Image: BSA sump studs

Image: BSA C15 & B40 kick start Pawl

Image: BSA clutch arm

Image: BSA chain oiler stud

Image: BSA B40 collets

Image: BSA oil junction

Image: BSA mainshaft tan washer

Image: BSA clutch tan washer

Image: BSA WD B40 primary sleeved screw

Image: BSA C15 & B40 Engine sprocket

Image: BSA B40 Barrel studs

Image: BSA unit sump filter

Image: BSA clutch centre top plate

Image: BSA C15 B40’s oil filter

Image: BSA kickstart spring plate

Image: BSA kickstart stop

Image: BSA split pin

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