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Mitchell collection bike 13

Make and Model: BSA B40 GB 

Year of manufacture: 1969

Military Reg no: 65 FG 40

Contract: WV7856

Dispatch date: MOD Hilton 28/01/69

Military History:  This GB was part of the 453 Machines delivered under contract WV7856 - military record show that although delivered to the Army in January 1969, it did not come into service until the 21/04/75.

21/04/75  - 118 REC COY (V)
01/05/80  - 1 SQN RCT
24/??/80  - HQ 39 ENGR REGT
15/12/80  - Sold off Ruddington

Civilian History: 
I have recently re acquired this MK 1 GB in September 2018, having initially acquired it in September 2006 locally in Hemmingford Grey, Cambridgeshire.
I sold it in early 2013 following the death of my father, it then spent the next 5 years on the Isle of Man
it returned from the Isle of Man to Norfolk and as they say everything else is history!
The engine is currently with Rupert Ratio to cure some oil leaks and prevent it from burning a little oil

Image: BSA WD B40 1969

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