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Mitchell Collection Bike 2

Mk1 1967 (Old Peculiar Gruff)

Make and Model: BSA B40 GB

Year of manufacture: 1967

Military Reg no: 73 ET 39

Dispatch date: MOD Feltham on 26th july 1967

Military History: This GB was not issued for military use until 20/11/69

20/11/69   - 36 Sig Regt (v)
22/03/76   - Disposal Ruddington

Civilian History:
not much is known of its previous life. 

This machine was used by my late father on the BSA international Rally in 2008 on the IOM

Engine has now had a complete rebuild by the legendary Rupert Ratio ( Dave Smith) and now sports a road gearbox, hi comp piston and a larger engine sprocket to improve road riding - it works a treat!!!!

Image: BSA WD B40 1967

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